Creatives Garage in partnership with other supportive brands, have come together to design and implement the LockIn festival, a virtual 3-day arts and culture event from 25th April to 1st May 2020. The idea emerged as a reaction to the current financial disaster faced by creatives. Rather than give up hope, through innovation, they chose to come together and create a virtual space for the enjoyment and promotion of music, art, films, performing arts, crafts, podcasting, as well as tackle mental health through intentional webinars and workshops. The event is aimed at having creatives , especially those considered underground, earn some money during this time through incorporating tip jars and donation options during performances and on the LockIn Festival website respectively. It's free for everyone to join by simply signing up on www.lockinfestival.org The festival features artists from Kenya, Nigeria, France, Cameroon, Sweden, Jordan, USA, Zimbabwe, Belgium, UK and Ireland. About Creatives Garage Creatives Garage is a multidisciplinary collective space for Creatives to network, share ideas, collaborate, learn, gain market accessibility and push boundaries. Our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem that impacts investing opportunities to deliver financial and social double bottom-line returns. We work with visual artists,performing artists and tech innovators who are social change agents in the society.